Daniel's Presentation at the 19th of February, 2018

Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about my dreams and plans for the future. I would like to be a beekeeper in the future, and I would like to breed lots bees. My favorite subject is English, though I don't hate Math and Computer. I don't like using the computer, I like using iPad to play games and watch YouTube.
I hope to get married someday. I hope that I will be good husband and good father. I like working with people, and I also want to be famous. I would like to visit a different country like Canada, and I want to meet many people in Canada.
I am very excited about my future because I want to do so much!

Thank you for listening!


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MAC OS에서 PDF생성하기

MAC OS에서 문서파일을 Print할 경우, PDF로 출력이 가능합니다. 그러나 문서파일에 Image가 많은 경우에 PDF로 출력하면 PDF의 file size가 많이 커지게 됩니다. 그럴 경우, 우선 PostScript로 출력하고, PostScript file을 다시 PDF로 출력하면 file size가 많이 줄어들게 됩니다.


Build CLISH (Command Line Interface Shell)

1. Download the source tarball from http://clish.sourceforge.net/#downloads

2. unzip and untar the source codes into your desired place.

3. generate the Makefile, run ./configure in e.g. clish-0.7.3

4. make, run make in e.g. clish-0.7.3

5. install, run make install in  e.g. clish-0.7.3, , files are installed in /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/include respectively.

6. test run: run clish, which is an executable installed in /usr/local/bin. In case of the following erors:

*** Failed to open ‘/etc/clish’ directory
*** Failed to open ‘/root/.clish’ directory
clish: clish/shell/shell_startup.c:14: clish_shell_startup: Assertion `this->startup’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

you need to set the CLISH_PATH as follows

export CLISH_PATH=/home/user-name/workplace/conning/clish-0.7.3/xml-examples

A successful test run will show something like below