My son's presentation on the 25th of May, 2018

I would like to tell you about watching a movie at a movie theatre.

I like to watch a movie with a lot of people. I like to eat popcorns while watching a movie. The movie theatre has a big screen and speaker. So I can watch a movie with a big screen and a loud sound. I can watch a new released movie at a movie theatre. I go to a movie theatre with my family when a special day. I couldn't leave from it because it was too funny.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.

I like working in a group.

First, If I work alone, I'm bored and It is not easy to control the time for completing working. I think we can finish to work earlier than working alone. We can help each other if we have some problems, and I can hear from the member of group their thought. I enjoy working together, and I can make friends in the group.

So I prefer to work in a group than working alone. Thank you for your reading.


My son's presentation on the 21st of May, 2018

I would like to tell about my favorite song.

My favorite song is "Muffin man". It's awesome. The song is very simple with some easy words. And I can not forget the repetitive melody. If you listen to the song, You can not also forget it. I can easy to find the video for the song. There are also "Icecream Man" and "Fruit stand Man" with the same melody.

Thank you for listening to me.


My son's presentation on the 18th of May, 2018

I would like to talk about the anmimals who live in deserts.

First, Fennec foxes live in the hot desert. And they have big ears to help them bring down their body temperature. They find something to eat at night avoiding the heat. And they have fur with sandy color to help themselves from enemy.

The second, Walruses live in the Arctic. And they have thick blubber to keep their body temperature. So they can find something to eat under the cold sea, and they can rest on ice floe.

Thnak you for listening my presentation.


My son's presentation on the 14th of May, 2018

I will talk what people harm animals and their habitats.

People destory animals' habitats to make their house or building, and Peop le also hunt a lot of animals to get their fur, meat, or bone. People steal their food from whales in the ocean as overfishing. People make water pollution where sea animals live, so many sea animals are died. Such as People dump a lot of trashes and the polluted water to the ocean. Peoplesfv are harming animals and their habitats a lot.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.


My son's presentation and Journal on the 11th of May, 2018

I like better to eat at home. My favorite foods are a stake and seaweed soup my dad cooked. I think the stake is the most delicious than I eat at other restaurants. If I leave some pieces of the stake, My kitten named Jack can also eat them. I often eat the beef seaweed soup in the morning, and I like it. I like to eat the foods while watching TV. My home is very comfortable.

My favorite subject is science class.

There is a science lesson in my elementary a week after school. But I always do two scientific test in the lession. I am very interested in doing the test with my classmate. I  think the test results are amazing. I guess there is not a lot of scientists in Korea than other countries. I will be scientist to show many people amazing science.

So I like the science class, and will be great scientist.


환율변화 체크



The 30th of April: Presentation

Describe your room in detail. Is it big or small? What can you find inside your room? Where did you put these things in your room? Draw a picture of your room to show the class.

I have two rooms for me in my house. One is a bedroom, and the other is a studying room. I think the rooms are not small. I would like to explain my bedroom more. My bed is next to a wall, and only my pillow and blanket are on my bed. All my cloths are in my closet near by door. Some my books are on my bookshelf next to window. My bedroom is simple and clean.